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2022 May
Press Releases: Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy
2022 May
ASIAA Thanks Canon Taiwan
2022 Mar/Apr
GLT participated for EHT/GMVA observations
2021 Oct
Award: Dr. Jongho Park has won the EHT 2021 Early Career Award
2021 Apr
GLT team conduct remote observations for EHT/GMVA observations
2021 Mar
Press Releases: Astronomers Image Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87’s Black Hole
2021 Jan
Award: The EHT is awarded the 2021 Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) Group Achievement Award
2020 Jan
Award: AAS HEAD Bruno Rossi Prize 2020 awarded to Event Horizon Telescope Project
2019 Dec
Award: Albert-Einstein-Medal 2020: Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Scientific Collaboration
2019 Dec
EHT Collaboration Meeting 2019, Hilo
2019 Nov
Award: The EHT is awarded the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award 2019 (Physical Sciences)
2019 Oct
Award: ASIAA Black Hole Research Group has won the 2019 Science and Technology Contribution Award from CTCI Foundation
2019 Sep
Award: Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics awarded to the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
2019 May
Award: NSF Diamond Achievement Award is presented to the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration
2019 Apr
Press Releases: Astronomers Capture First Image of a Black Hole
2019 Jan
EA Proposal Writing Camp, Taipei (Photo)

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GLT Antenna Re-Assembly Finished
GLT Astronomical First Light
Joined the EHT Observation for the First Time
The First Black Hole Shadow Image
First Polarization Image around the Black Hole Shadow
Astronomers Reveal First Image of the Black Hole at the Heart of Our Galaxy

Project Description

on VLBI group at ASIAA

With the addition of new staff members, a new effort has been launched to perform frontier Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) studies. VLBI has been dedicated in pursuit of high angular resolution. Our group, collabrating with international partners, is conducting the exciting projects, which will achieve the resolution of tens of micro arcseconds: Submillimeter VLBI. By direct imaging toward the super massive black holes (SMBHs) at center of the Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) with this extremely high angular resolution, we will investigate the physics at ultimate state under the relativity. Tentative goals of this group would be to (1) image the shadow of SMBH itself and (2) image the inner most part of the jet and accretion disk. The former would be a direct proof of the existence of SMBH, and essential to determine the mass and spin parameter of SMBH. The latter would be important to investigate the launching mechanisms of the ultra-relativistic jet.

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