2013 Oct
Academia Sinica Open House, ASHQ
2013 Jul
GLT Face to Face Meeting
Summer Student Program, ASIAA
2013 May
ALMA Phase-up Project CDR Meeting, Charlottesville, VA
2013 Mar
EHT 1.3 mm VLBI Observation, Hawaii
2013 Jan
GLT Face to Face Meeting, Taipei
2012 Nov
Disassemble GLT Antenna for retrofitting, Socorro, NM
2012 Oct
GLT Face to Face Meeting on NSF Proposal, Boston
Academia Sinica Open House, Taipei
ALMA Phase-up Project PDR Meeting, Charlottesville, VA
2012 Sep
NSF Science Meeting, Boston, MA
GLT Antenna Testing, Socorro, NM
2012 Jul
GLT Face to Face Meeting, ASIAA
Summer Student Program, ASIAA
2012 Jun
Anntena Test at Socorro, NM
2012 May
GLT Face to Face Meeting, Boston, MA
2012 May
East Asia VLBI Workshop 2012
2012 April
GLT Face to Face Meeting, 23rd to 25th in ASIAA
2012 Mar
Sub-millimeter VLBI experiments
2011 Dec
ALMA phasing Kickoff meeting
2011 Nov
Taiwan Sub-millimeter VLBI Telescope Workshop (the Greenland telescope: GLT has been named as our project code)
2011 Nov
Job Opening - EACOA postdoctoral fellowship (deadline: 31 March 2012 )
2011 Sep
Job opening - postdoc position closed: 15 Dec 2011
2011 Aug
We started a site testing at Greenland !!
Status checkout of sub-mm astronomy project (photogrammetry, mechanical, & electrical)
2011 Jul
We started retest activities on the ALMA-NA prototype antenna !!
2011 Apr
A 12-meter ALMA-NA Vertex prototype antenna was awarded to the ASIAA/CfA
team by the NSF to dedicate the sub-mm astronomy
2010 Nov
Job opening - faculty positions closed: 31 Jan 2011
2010 Sep
Job opening - postdoc position closed: 15 Dec 2010
2010 Sep
Webpage opened
2010 Jul
Expression of Interest for ALMA-NA test facility has been submitted to the US National Science Foundation (NSF)
2009 Apr
VLBI group initiated and sub-millimeter (sub-mm) VLBI project started at the ASIAA (led by M. Inoue & K. Asada)
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